Features - Hyperdrive

HyprDrive Self-Shift Gears with Manual Tip-Tronic Mode

Enjoy the comfort of clutch-less driving and take control of gears whenever you want by switching to the Manual mode.

Crawl Function

No need to press the accelerator in stop-and-go traffic and during tight parking maneuvers. Simply let your foot off the brake and the car moves slowly at a constant speed.

Sport Mode

Press the ā€˜Sā€™ button for instant power ā€“ The gearbox revs higher and upshifts optimally so that you get the most power out of your Tigor.

Anti Stall

On sudden braking, the gearbox quickly downshifts and ensures sufficient torque is available so that the car doesn't stall.

Anti-stall function relates to the gearbox only, the Tigor does not come with front parking sensors or automatic braking.